July 2, 2020

Review: The Bondztide - Private Isle

Coming in hot from the Midwest coast, The Bondztide is an up-and-coming surf rock project created by local musician Andrew Gibson. I messaged with him online to talk about this project:
What was your inspiration to form a surf rock band?

   "I have always liked surf rock, something I love about it is that it’s almost all only instrumental. I like instrumentals because the music does all the talking and you get almost any feeling from it.

What are some bands you draw the inspirations for your sound from?

   "Definitely The Beach Boys, for a while I would listen to their song 'Get Around' everyday when I would wake up. Some other artist I’ve drawn a lot of inspirations from is The Ventures, Dick Dale and a modern surf rock band The Surfrajettes."

What was the process of making the album?

   "Before the day of recording I only had one guitar riff. I sat down, laid down every drum track and then wrote the bass, rhythm guitar and lead guitar parts for each song. The whole album was written and recorded within 24 hours. It had to be that way, because I didn’t have a full band I could jam with to put songs together. Normally when I write music it’s only on guitar and then pieced together with a band along with whatever lyrics I’ve written. This time though I had it all in my head and I could only hear it, never trying to sit down and make something of it. But I knew when the time was right to record the album I’d just do it. So that’s what I did."

Amazing. What are your plans for The Bondztide's future?

   "There will definitely be at least one more album after this one, hopefully in 2021. Also as soon as possible a live show would be very cool. I have some friends that would join me on various instruments for a live set."

Do you surf?

   "I have but living in the Midwest makes it tough to do as often as I’d like."

   Overall, after listening to The Bondztide's debut album, "Private Isle"  I give it five stars. Seven tracks of surf rock goodness that wash into the veins by way of ripping fast, foamy clean guitars, and producing a vibe of unparalleled bodaciousness. Turn it up, and hang ten.