July 31, 2018

Missouri State Senator, 21st District

From Holmes Osborne:

Missouri is falling behind the rest of the country.  We’ve lost many companies here in the Kansas City area including Harley Davidson and Procter & Gamble.  St. Louis ranks as the second most dangerous city in the United States and Kansas City is high on the list too.  The cost of health care is outrageous and our legislature passed up on Medicaid money from the federal government for political reasons.  Our leaders in Jefferson City are not paying attention to these issues and until recently, were focused upon ousting the former Governor.

What has been done about our roads?  We have the 46th lowest gas taxes in the country and our roads show it.  The bridge repairs around Independence are a start be we have a long way to go.  Did you know that 24 Highway runs from Colorado, through Independence, and all the way to Detroit?  This major thoroughfare through our city needs to be updated.  Voters will have a chance to vote on a 10¢ gas increase in November.

 Holmes Osborne is a candidate for state representative in the 21st District.  The current state representative, Ira Anders, has done a wonderful job but is termed out and cannot run again.  Holmes was born in Independence, raised in Bates City, the father of two young daughters who attend our wonderful public schools.  His mother taught at Palmer Middle School in the 1970s and his father is a retired member of the AFL-CIO.  The election is August 7, 2018.  There is a three-way contest in the Democratic primary with no Republican running.  In addition, if you like unions, vote “No” on Proposition A, the Right-to-Work initiative. 

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Jackson County Legislature, 3rd District

From Candidate Charlie Franklin:

I have enjoyed living in this community my entire life and being able to raise our four boys here has been a wonderful blessing. Although I have lived mostly in the southwestern part of Independence, I believe all of the areas of the 3rd District are of equal importance. I will do whatever I can to try and achieve equal funding for safe neighborhoods.

For the county as a whole, the Jackson County jail conditions must improve and we must stop the hidden costs of lawsuits draining the County budget. I will work to help formulate a comprehensive jail plan to provide safer conditions, reduce overtime, and reduce lawsuits. To meet the needs of Jackson County, it is important to strengthen the working relationship between the Legislative and Executive Branches of government. To help make that happen, I will strive to find a satisfactory compromise between two often extreme differences in position.

I believe it is important to return to local control of the Jackson County Property Assessment Department. Due to being understaffed, the department must currently rely on expensive outside consultants to complete its responsibilities. I will support fully staffing the department to achieve an independent operation that provides fair assessments on residential and commercial real estate property.

There are clearly opportunities to improve the way our County manages taxpayer funds. I am not a career politician, but I do have years of accounting and business experience that will help me bring a fresh perspective to tackling the critical issues facing Jackson County.

Although it may be difficult for a County Legislator to make a difference for a specific part of our community, I will certainly try and help the Inter-City area. We all need good schools and safe neighborhoods.

You can count on me to do my best to serve you. I ask for your vote on August 7th.

Thank you,

Charlie Franklin

Candidates please send your submissions to editor@inter-citynews.com and they will be published in the order in which they are received.