June 20, 2014

New Neighborhood Improvement Organization

   The staff of the Inter-City News is happy to be involved in forming a new neighborhood activism group called the Fairmount-Mt. Washington Improvement Association, with a mission to beautify and bring commerce to the area along U.S. 24 Highway between Interstate 435 and Sterling Avenue.

   This stretch of 24 Highway, while rich in history, has been ignored by city planners and developers in both Independence and Kansas City for decades.   Parts of this roadway, which brings visitors from all over the world to the Truman Library, is looked upon by many to be a disgraceful eyesore that cannot be allowed to deteriorate further.

   By organizing volunteers to tackle improvement projects and by using political activism tools  to demand the attention of local elected officials at every level, the group hopes in the very near future that the “Road to Harry’s Library” will become a source of pride for the entire Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

   If you are interested in becoming involved in this new neighborhood association, please sign up for the mailing list at www.fmwia.org.

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