September 26, 2014

Improve Your Home or Business and Pay No Real Estate Tax

  This is a great program that the city of Independence offers that some people are not aware of.
  Fairmont-Carlisle and St. Clair Park 353 tax abatement programs are open for enrollment in North West Independence areas. The Fairmont-Carlisle 353 program began in 2007, and in November of 2010 St. Clair Park opened for enrollment. To date 211 parcels are enjoying tax relief with another 165 working on their homes.

   The 353 plan offers residents an incentive to rehabilitate their homes in accordance with the guidelines of the program, and pay no real estate tax for 10 years and 50% real estate tax for the following 15 years. One still pays tax on the land.

   Every home owner should take pride in the property they invested in and keep it up.
Business owners and multi-housing are encourage to participate in this program with 10 year relief.

   For more information, please call Pat Robinson at the City of Independence, 816-325-7426, Tax Abatement Administrator, or email

By Larry Gerling, Board Member  

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