February 19, 2015

What They’re Spending It On

A Breakdown of Jackson County Budget Allocations Approved as of February 9

$16,940 to the Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District for soil and water conservation education

$25,000 for a part-time position within the Prosecuting Attorney's office

$30,000 to three outside agencies for violence and drug prevention purposes

$40,000 to the Westside Community Action Network for anti-drug purposes

$40,000 for a "Gender Specific Tracking Program," to provide gender specific monitoring of youths showing at risk factors (from a grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety)

$48,000 to Union Station to allow indigent children to participate in its programs

$60,000 to the Southern Christian Leadership Council for partial funding of the 2015 Martin Luther King Day Celebration

$205,000 to the Mid-America Regional Council for them to pass on to six different organizations for public health purposes

$214,000.00 to twelve different agencies that assist homeless persons

$217,777 to outside organizations for parks and recreation services

$241,275.00 to the University of Missouri Extension Council of Jackson County to provide staff for the services they provide

$388,000 to the organization United Inner City Services for various health purposes

$1.9 million for various public health services provided to 30 local social service organizations

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