October 6, 2017

Letter to the Editors

 We asked readers to send us ideas for the revitalization of 24 Highway and Sterling and received the following email:

   I think a senior living complex, with shopping, health care, transportation, recreation. In this time there is a high demand for an affordable easy living safe place to spend the rest of their days out.
There is no place like this in this part of town. This complex would bring in new families in the houses that seniors have been living here all their lives and bring a year round income. 

   Make our area a place where families want to live. Dollars stores only bring down the areas. It’s a great location. You can get anywhere in the KC Metro within 20 minutes (theater, music, sports).
Make our area more welcoming. Bring up properly values.
Just my thoughts. 

   Thank you, Linda Williams

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