February 2, 2021

Vaccination Center Planned for Independence Center

 By Giovanni Antonio

Perhaps lost in the excitement amid the passage of Resolution 21-713 allocating $200 rebates to IPL accounts, the Independence City council also approved Resolution 21-712.

In doing so they paved the way for a site at Independence Center to be turned into a mass vaccination center.

Independence Center Management offered the 13,000 sq. ft. space, rent free, to the city to host a mass vaccination and testing site. 

 Their one stipulation is that the city would have to cover the cost of utilities.

  Estimated to be around $1,000 a month, at a length of  5 months, the city had to approve where this $5,000 would come from.  

Alternate sites, like the Cable Dahmer Arena,  (formerly the Independence Event Center) were suggested and seemed promising.  Using that venue as a host wouldn't have carried the additional price tag attached for taxpayers.  The city already owns it and thus already pays the utilities.

   However city leaders, including Fire Chief Douglas Short worried that having to take down and reassemble the vaccination clinic when events needed the space would prove to be too big of a detriment.

 After a bit of debate of where to pull the funds from, and 2 failed amendments, the resolution in it original form, passed 4-3.

No word yet on when the clinic will be staffed and up and running.

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