January 31, 2022

Meet the Candidates: Kenneth Love


My name is Kenneth Love and I’m running for the office of Mayor because the citizens of Independence deserve a leader who will bring honest and transparent leadership to the people of Independence. A leader who will prioritize the issues plaguing Independence that have only continued to get worse.

The most pressing issues that I feel and citizens have expressed that need immediate and focused attention are:

  • The increase in crime (especially violent crime).

  • The growing number of homeless within the city.

  • Economic decline and the need for growth (beyond just another fast-food joint) to help increase tax revenue and create more jobs.

  • Eliminate wasteful spending of your tax dollars on self-interest and unnecessary projects - to help ensure the financial sustainability of the city.

Improving Independence and getting it back to the great suburban city it once was is important to me because every citizen deserves to live in a city that’s not only safe but thriving - and not have to be scared to go out at night or watch their property value decline due to blight, crime, and other factors.

These issues, as well as others the city faces, are complex issues that will require complex solutions. Campaigns are full of empty promises that are never fulfilled. So I won’t make any promises because action speaks louder than words.

But what I will tell you is that I will work for YOU, and, if I’m elected Mayor, I will prioritize these issues by identifying social services already in place that can be better utilized, exploring solutions that other cities have successfully implemented, reviewing financial resources available to fund solutions, and any other resources available.

I know there are many more issues that will need to be addressed and resolved, but we have to start somewhere, and crime, homelessness, economic decline, and wasteful spending are the most pressing issues Independence is dealing with.

I’ve lived in Independence for 24 years and I’m a regular citizen, just like you. I’m not a polished career politician. I’m running for Mayor because I want to improve the lives of the citizens of Independence and help empower them by being their voice. I WILL WORK FOR YOU.

We’ve had eight years of ineffective, self-serving leadership that’s resulted in wasteful spending, unnecessary self-interest projects, and an FBI investigation into city hall over the questionable business dealings of our current leaders.

It’s time you demand a progressive leader who will put the concerns and needs of citizens over their own self-serving interests. We’ve suffered enough injustice from those in power who have ignored the concerns of citizens and have caused tremendous social and economic challenges within our community.

It’s time to stand up and demand change and we do that by electing new leadership that is committed to serving the interests of the citizens. I stand strong in my unwavering commitment to ensuring a better quality of life for every citizen of Independence.

I vow to make sure no one goes unseen or unheard. Your fight is my fight. And I will fight hard for the change we all want and need to see. A change that takes the special interests control OUT of city hall and puts it BACK in the hands of the citizens.

Great things can be achieved through collective action. Your vote is not just about your voice being heard, it’s about making a difference. And our collective action can help bring about the change we ALL want to see. The change everyone deserves. But it won’t happen without your help. I urge you to stand up for change and make a difference - put new leadership in office. A vote for Kenneth Love is a vote for change.

Independence is at a crossroads. A pivotal time when the need for an honest progressive leader that’s NOT tied to special interest groups or PACs has never been more crucial than it is right now. So on February 8th when you place your vote in the ballot box - that’s when democracy works.

Thank you for all your support!


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