August 10, 2013

Sugar Creek Reactor: 1963

Tales from Old Sugar Creek by Prof. Ulichne

 Today the Sugar Creek oil refinery is just a smelly memory.  But in 1963 the damn thing could be seen from miles away at night.

    An 11x17 inch four-page newsletter was published every month called the Sugar Creek Reactor and the following was taken from the May issue:  

   The #1 Pipe Still went on line 24/7, processing 70,000 barrels of crude every day.  It replaced older, less efficient 1914 technology.
   Retiring: Verne B. Sutton, 916 High Street, Sugar Creek.  He started as a laborer in 1924 and later he worked in the Pipe Dept. and as a fireman.  He retired as a Paint Shop foreman after 39 years of service.
   Two obituaries:
   Alfred M. Evans, 129 High Street, Sugar Creek.  He was 56 years old and died at home.
   Curtis Wright, 83, 11220 Burton, Sugar Creek.  He died at the Independence Sanitarium hospital.

Two sons of employees were awarded the Eagle Scout:
Michael Fairbanks, Troop #78 and James Hagan, Troop #221.

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