August 10, 2013

What are the Kids Doing in Sugar Creek?

Outside Looking In by Aimee Worley

  School starts soon, summer is almost over for the kids.
   What did your kids do this summer?  Did they do any T-Ball? Soccer Camp? Day trips, or anything that our Parks & Recreation Department put on?
   Pretty sad, another summer without any activities for the kids of Sugar Creek.
   Our P&R Supervisor dropped the ball.  Again I ask, what about the kids?
   We need the young families to come live and stay in Sugar Creek, so let’s give their kids some recreation, a community pool, trips to the zoo, day camping at the parks, mini ball camps.  A lot of our citizens are lower income, so let’s make some free.
   What’s wrong with a city government that will pay a salary for a department that has very, very few activities for our kids?
   I sure hope that with this new influx of children coming into our city for school, over 300 more, that our city does wake up.  Let’s get those kids wanting to move to Sugar Creek, and have things for kids to do, and not send the kids that are here to Independence for their recreation.

Please give to the CCRC.

Next month: Our Police, Fire, and Public Works.

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