September 7, 2013

September 2013 Extras

 Did You Know...

…the first baby born in Sugar Creek was Fred W. Hink?  This baby would grow up to be known as Dr. Fred W.  Hink, a physician who brought thousands of babies into the world, including several generations of babies born in Sugar Creek.

What Sugar Creek Means to Me

“Sugar Creek has always been my home, no matter where I lived. It was built by hard working people who devoted their lives to the American Dream and sent their children to war to fight for that dream.  Their descendants keep that dream alive to this day.”  -- Michael A. Benkovich, Jr.

Wish List

“Re-open the Cold Cave”

“Miniature Golf Course”

“Bring back the Welcome Wagon”

“Improve services for the elderly and shut-ins”

“Someplace to get breakfast in Sugar Creek!”

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