September 7, 2013

Sugar Creek Public Works -- Works!

Sugar Creek Public Works – have you ever thought about that department of the city?

   We have the best public works department in Jackson County, I bet.

   From the Director all the way to the part-time mowers, we must applaud these men and women for their dedication to their job and our city.

   They go above and beyond in their job duties, more often than not -- running up to grab someone’s trash they forgot to get out, picking up yard debris when a citizen hasn’t had time to tie it into 4-ft bundles, you can always get a smile and a wave, every day.

   This is not something new about our Public Works department, either.  As long as I have lived here it’s been like this.  Their dedication to the job shines on our city.

   You are an outstanding!!

Check out the new Historic Trail Markers on River Blvd!  More information in next month’s issue of the Herald.

   Support the CCRC!  They’ve been helping Sugar Creek families in need since the 1930s.  Call (816) 254-7234 and find out how you can help!

Would you like to announce something in the Herald?  Call Aimee Worley at (816) 254-4829 or email

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