November 25, 2014

Revitalizing the Truman Road Corridor

   Jackson County and the City of Independence are working with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) to get funding for the Truman Road Gateway Implementation Plan, to develop and enhance the Truman Road corridor east of I-435. 

   Last year funding was received and work began on repairing the Stone Arch Bridge at Truman and Blue Ridge Boulevard, which was completed in May of this year.  The roadway over the bridge was replaced, the walls were reinforced, rod iron fencing was added for safety, and lights and landscaping helped beautify the refurbished bridge, which was originally built in 1906.

   The Mid-America Regional Council funded a study with federal HUD money called the Truman Road Green Gateway plan, which was completed in March of this year.  The 89-page report detailed more ways that the roadway, which bears Harry Truman’s name and leads visitors from around the world to the Truman Home and the Independence Square, could be transformed into a modern and practical corridor that is pedestrian and bike-friendly, with sustainable housing and business solutions to help bring the area into the 21st century.

     Donna Pittman is the owner of Curt’s Famous Meats and the founder of the Truman Gateway Redevelopment Committee, the force behind the Truman Road revitalization efforts.  Donna is optimistic that the solutions outlined in the study can become a reality.  She praised the efforts of Independence Mayor Eileen Weir and the Independence Chamber of Commerce in making the Truman Gateway plan a priority, and seeking the funds that would be needed to implement the project.

   The cost to implement the plan would be around $8 million, with Jackson County handling the stretch of Truman Road from the interstate to Blue Ridge Boulevard, and Independence doing the work east of Blue Ridge.  

   According to a MARC representative, getting funding for these types of proposals would depend largely on interest within the community. 

   The Truman Gateway Redevelopment Committee welcomes any member of the community who is interested in making the Truman Road Gateway plan become a reality.  If you are interested in joining this group, send an email for more information to Lindsay Browne at

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