November 25, 2014

Inter-City Native Writes “Tales From the Lake”

  Conley Stone McAnally, known to his friends in the Inter-City area as "Snapper", has penned his fourth book, Tales from the Lake, which picks up where an earlier work, Tales from Homer left off.   Tales from Homer consisted of eight whimsical stories happening in a town called Doodenville.  The stories are supposedly rejected submissions to The Atlantic written by the title character, the town’s jailer, Homer Storebeck.

  Snapper McAnally offered us this information:  "I lived on Crisp Lake, went to Mt Washington, then Van Horn, graduated in 1965, taught school in "Bush" Alaska, and am a retired army reserve officer. I live in Tucson now. Most of the characters I have written about, other than the two books about Alaska, are based a little on the people I knew growing up. A little bit of fact, a dab of humor, some outlandishness, and an item of fiction or two make up my stories. Many people think I make things up but everything is true to some extent."

   Besides his two books of Midwestern tales, McAnally has written two books about Alaska, Wilson Bay: Tales From an Eskimo Village and Jump, Alaska: Tales From the Interior.

   You can find all of McAnally’s books online at, and ask for them at local bookstores and libraries.

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