July 25, 2017

New Place to Eat on Truman Road

James Fausett Cooks Food to Order at
Pappy's Den on Truman Road
Just west of Sterling and Truman Road there is a little place called Pappy's Den which has been there since 1962. The owner, John Buckley, recently noticed that there is no food to be found on Truman Road in that part of Independence. Buckley and a chef named James Fausett decided to open a food trailer at Pappy's, located at 10805 Truman Road.

It was a hard battle to open the city's first and only locally owned and operated food truck or trailer. The city was new to this and so were John and James but they figured it out. The city finally did all of the final inspections and gave it a 100%, No Violation inspection which is almost impossible to get in Independence.

Now they are offering made to order food (you can call ahead and it will be ready) from Ruebens to open-faced hot beef sandwiches, to a fat cheeseburger with egg and bacon, homemade lasagna, calzones, and much more.

Look out for the next food truck -- Pappy's is setting the bar high! Order ahead by calling (816) 874-9161.

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