July 25, 2017


New Single “Sidewalk Scandals” Just Released 

Remorsefully Numb Is (left to right):
Jake Ayers, A.J. Gibson, Chaz Florido, and Josh Macha

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 In eighth grade band class at Bingham Middle School, drummer Jake Ayers and guitarist Andrew (A.J.) Gibson decided to take a shot at the school talent show, calling themselves “Lonely Product.”
Now, five years on, Jake and A.J. along with bassist Josh Macha and lead guitarist Chaz Florido are getting ready to embark on a five state tour that will take them to St. Louis, Chicago, Des Moines, Topeka, Joplin, and Tulsa as REMORSEFULLY NUMB, an alternative rock band from  Independence. They just released the single "Sidewalk Scandals" Their tour kicked off in Kansas City at the All-Star Bar on Wednesday, July 19. I met them at a local coffee shop and got the following interview for us.

JAKE: I'm Jake, I'm the drummer.
CHAZ: I'm Chaz and I play lead guitar.
A.J.: I'm Andrew, I do rhythm guitar and vocals.
JOSH: Josh, bass.

DEREK: How old are y'all?

JAKE: I'm 19.
JOSH: 22.
A.J.: I'm 19 also.
CHAZ: I am 18.

DEREK: How do you describe your sound?

JAKE: Alternative Emo Rock
A.J.: I would honestly just say “Alternative Rock,” because we use a cluster of genres.

DEREK: What are some of the bands that influence your sound?
JOSH: We listen to a lot of Brand New, and mostly I just go with the flow and play my own stuff.
JAKE: I'm gonna have to say Travis (of Blink 182), Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Used, the Police, and the Ramones.
CHAZ: Honestly, Metallica's the one that got me into guitar. And then I play a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, and Brand New, so it completely took a different turn but it's all good music.
A.J.: It all started back in middle school for me. As a multi-instrumentalist, my inspiration for playing guitar is probably Green Day, and then my vocal inspiration was Nirvana, and then I really like Brand New, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Weezer, Johnny Cash. There's a lot of good music groups out there.

DEREK: Will Remorsefully Numb release an album soon?
JAKE: We're nowhere near an album yet. Me and A.J. got a phone call about this the other night and we are contemplating a three or four song E.P., if not before this tour then for sure after.
A.J.: Yeah, after this tour, and then do a second one to promote it.

DEREK: Who would you say are your favorite bands from around here?
A.J.: Young Medicine, Sons of Mourning is pretty good, See It Through was really good too.
JAKE: I'm gonna have to say either Boys Home, or From Dust To Beating Hearts, and Freedom .45.
CHAZ: I'm not big on the local scene, but I do like Boys Home. They're really good.
JOSH: There's a local doom metal band called Inner Alter, they're pretty good and so are Sons Of Mourning, and I recently found this band Nature Boys who are like a surf punk band, and I guess that sums it up.

DEREK: Do the lyrics in your songs reflect how you feel?
A.J.: Our lyrics are written in a way that you can apply to multiple situations other than the situation we're describing in the song.
JAKE: I've really been feeling the song "Free From The World" (not released yet) that we have, A.J. ran those lyrics by me and I've been having troubles with graduating and college and that sort of stress, and the lyrics behind that song have been soothing me more than I thought it could. It's really been getting me by.

DEREK: Was it difficult transitioning from a 3-piece band to a 4-piece band with the addition of Chaz?
JAKE: I'm gonna be honest, I think emotionally we can all agree that it was. We've always been three so it was definitely a change. It made it easier to write, though. We started writing more advanced than we thought we could.
A.J.: It was something to get used to, but it was easier than I thought it would be.

DEREK: If you could open for any band, who would it be?
JAKE: Movements would be pretty cool, they're from California and they're touring so they're not very big yet. But yeah, Movements.
CHAZ: I'm gonna say Weezer, I can see that being a good show.
A.J.: This is a difficult one, The Story So Far. They're from California, but not because they're from California.
JOSH: If I was going to be realistic, I think it would be Waves. That’d be pretty cool to open for. Dreamwise however, it would probably be FIDLAR. I'd also wanna open for Cannibal Corpse.

DEREK: How do you feel about the music industry?
JAKE: Me, personally, I'm a little confused because I feel like there's still a lot I need to learn about it before I can say I know it.
CHAZ: If we're talking about what I hear on the radio and stuff, I'd say it's become very saturated with things that the corporations think people want to hear. They push it so hard and I get it, if it's catchy, that's good, but it shouldn't be thrown together just to make sales.
A.J.: I shouldn't really say so much on something that I know so little about, but there needs to be more stuff with substance. Some of it's really fun to listen to like Chaz was saying, but there's really nothing you can take away from it. The only problem I have with the music industry is that they didn't accept us.

DEREK: How long before Remorsefully Numb hits number 1?
JAKE: We still gotta get our genre popular before that happens.
A.J.: If it happens, cool. If it doesn't, whatever.
JOSH: We all enjoy it so as long as we enjoy it and we have a good following, that's all that matters.
CHAZ: Seven years.

That brings this to a close; once again this is Derek Benkovich with Jake, A.J., Chaz, and Josh of Remorsefully Numb, signing off!

Derek Benkovich is lead guitarist for the band Jett Blakk and music contributor to The Inter-City News. Contact him at Derek@Inter-CityNews.com

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