March 18, 2018

City to Pay Tennessee Company $50,000 for Logo Design, Branding

Does the Hometown of Harry Truman and Queen City of the Three Trails have a problem with branding and recognition?  Independence Mayor Weir and the City Council think so and have hired the marketing firm ChandlerThinks of Franklin, Tennessee to develop a "streamlined branding strategy and identity" for Independence with a price tag of $50,000. 

Independence will now join the ranks of Danville, Kentucky and Perry, Georgia as cities that use ChandlerThinks to "create a sense of place and assists brands in developing their strongest voice."

It's not just a new logo that ChandlerThinks will be developing. On her Facebook page, Mayor Weir responded to commenters that, "There is much more to it than designing a logo. It is promote our great city and attract people here to visit, work and live," and that improving our branding and image will entice people to come here because, "city visitors and newcomers contribute to our economy to let us do more basic services."

In hiring a marketing firm to develop a new streamlined logo and image, the city stated that there are more than 40 separate logos used by various departments in their marketing efforts. One city department that won't need the help of ChandlerThinks is the Health Department, which will be completely disbanded by July in order to save the city $375,000 a year.  Thirteen employees were terminated early in March, with ten other positions getting the axe in coming weeks. Jackson County and other city departments will take over the vital functions formerly handled by the Health Department.

The Inter-City News invites readers to assist the city and ChandlerThinks by submitting ideas for logo designs and slogans that will be printed in a future issue. A $25 Amazon Gift Card will be awarded to the most amusing submission, with two $10 Amazon Gift Cards to be awarded to the runners up! Send your ideas to .

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