March 28, 2018

Sugar Creek Election Editorial

 Submitted by Sugar Creek Resident Bill Haman

Change or the Same

   Sugar Creek voters have a decision to make next week about the future  of  our city.  This is the second municipal election in two years.  There will not be another election for three more years.  Two new candidates were elected last year.  The results of this election will determine the road that Sugar Creek travels for at least 3 more years.  

    Do we want to elect the incumbents that want to take us down the dead-end road we have been on for years?  One of those candidates voted to continue funding “Wayne City Landing Days”  that cost Sugar Creek about $60,000 when it was clear that the event was going to fail.  The two incumbents favor spending as much as $1,500,000 to remodel the existing gym.  Would it not be logical to complete a more modest remodel and use the balance of available funds for infrastructure improvements?  

  Several area gyms have closed in the last few years because not enough memberships could be sold in our locality.  I believe the proposed management plan will fail and drain resources away from vital city services.  Several years ago the voters of Sugar Creek voted against spending a similar amount of money to remodel the old post office.  It seems clear to me that voters do not want to fund this type of
facility.  The gym needs some TLC that can be completed for far less treasure than the present plan.  

   I believe that Sugar Creek’s governing body has been inside the box for too long.  It is time for a change to younger members with new ideas and progressive goals.  The city needs to move forward with new leadership on the board and a plan for the future.  I believe that Chris Steffen in Ward 1 and Michael Schneller in Ward 2 are the ones to bring about this change and are committed to moving Sugar Creek in a new and better direction.  

   I urge you to get out and vote on APRIL 3rd.

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