October 8, 2013

Outside Looking In by Aimee Worley

I want all of our Police Officers to live in Sugar Creek again. I know quite a few do, but not all; same for our Fire Department.  It made our neighborhoods safer, and for those on the Department to know who the citizens were.  There have been times some of the new officers are cold and curt to the citizens.  I know in larger cities that’s harder.  We are only  a city of 3,000. We need to be taken care of by our own, and not treated like criminals.  It’s even worse that the police station is all the way at the end of Sterling, out of the neighborhood.  I sure miss that.

   I do have a large complaint about how I feel.

   For 17 years I have lived on Forest Ave., and off and on I have asked for the police to do radar and issue speeding tickets to people zooming down the hill, to teach them to slow down.  It’s been done maybe 25 times in the last 16 years.  Thanks to those officers, you know how much I appreciate it.  But it seems nowadays the police sit where a driver can see the police car, but as soon as the police car is gone, 45, 55, 70 mph, up and down, all day and night.

   We have more families moving into Sugar Creek, close to the schools, and a lot more children walking on my street.  It needs to be safe.

   Please, Chief Soule, have your officers do radar and give tickets. If we can pay for someone to sit in the city police pick-up truck while the radar camera is hitched to the back, we can afford for a police officer to give speeding tickets on Forest Avenue.  P. S.: I could name over 25 citizens that speed past my house daily. Please Slow Down, Don’t be in such a hurry!

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