October 8, 2013

Mayor Mallinson Works for the City… in More Ways than One

   Mayor Matt Mallinson has been taking the phrase "working for the city" to many different levels lately in order to see what it’s like to work in each of the city’s departments for a period of time.  He’s been through the physical exams and agility tests just like any new employee would have to take if they wanted to be hired by the City of Sugar Creek.  

   "How better to experience what our employees go through on a day to day basis?” he said.  "I feel that you cannot make proper decisions without first hand knowledge of certain situations.  This not only gives me a feel for the job, but this allows me time to interact with the workers that do these jobs daily." 

   Why the trash truck? 

   "We have some difficult decisions to make concerning refuse collection in our city.  Our employees are exposed to many unpleasantries that people discard.  There is certainly not a shortage of smells and I fear some could be dangerous combinations.  Many trash cans exceed our weight limits which puts our workers at risk of physical injury.  As a city, we need to provide appropriate equipment for our employees or simply get out of the garbage business.  I feel I can now properly evaluate our next move." 

And what would that be?  "Ah, please come to our next town hall meeting on Monday October 21st to find out!"

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