November 13, 2013

Drag Racing at the River?

   A private investor will be meeting with Mayor Mallinson this month to discuss building an NHRA-regulation drag racing strip along the Missouri River in Sugar Creek.

   “It’s a perfect location,” says the investor, who asked not to be named in this article.  “The river and bluffs will muffle the sounds of roaring engines and screeching tires, and the scenery couldn’t be any prettier.”

   Sugar Creek has more riverfront acreage than any other city in Missouri other than St. Charles, and developing the land along the river has long been a topic of discussion among citizens and city leaders.  At least two riverboat casino deals have fallen through, and plans for an entertainment district have never materialized.  

   But a drag strip?

   “Missouri doesn’t have an NHRA track,” he said.  “The closest one is in Topeka.  The KCIR track (which the City of Kansas City took possession of earlier this year and closed down) brought tens of thousands of people a year to its events and the loss of it left a really big void, and not just for local racing fans.  People came from all around.”

   He cited revenue that could be generated from fuel sales and auto parts, from the jobs created during the construction and the track’s operation, and from the visitors it would bring to the area.  “It will bring more businesses to Sugar Creek and give people around here something fun to do.”  He also mentioned that it would be good for LaFarge. “We would need a lot of Portland Cement.”


2a Geek said...

Lafarge is gone, central plains cement is now the local producer

Unknown said...

If there was a drag strip down by the river, maybe the crotch rocket riders would go there and stay off the freeways. I think it's a good idea.