November 13, 2013

Sgt. Onka Shot His Way to the Top

      It was the summer of 1966 and Sgt. Kevin Onka had just gotten out of the Army.  In the August 31 edition of the Kansas City Star, Kevin can be seen holding a shotgun and wearing a big smile, surrounded by trophies and awards.   

   He was 23 years old in the picture, and had been trap shooting since 1957 at the age of 14.  By 1959 he was a national champion.  The Army put his talent to good use and made him a member of the U. S. Army Trap and Skeet Team, where he competed in places like Switzerland, France, and Germany.  His team won a world championship in Santiago, Chile in 1965.  

   Photographs of Kevin Onka making it look easy were used to illustrate proper techniques and positions in an International Skeet and Clay Pigeon manual.
   When he wasn’t shooting clay targets around the world for Team Uncle Sam, Kevin was an instructor in aerial gunnery for pilots.

   By the time he got out of the Army in 1966, he’d collected around 300 medals and trophies.

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