November 13, 2013

River Jam/Picnic 2013

By Sandy Mikulich

   On October 5, Bill and Carolyn Haman hosted a River Jam and picnic at the scenic La Benite Park. It was beautiful weather and a great experience. Friends who liked music were invited but the Hamans also encouraged all Sugar Creek residents to join in the fun.

   Anyone who had an instrument and wanted to join in the music gathered at one of the two tents to jam. Some brought more than one instrument and shared them.  The jammers moved from instrument to instrument depending on the song. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves and were tireless. Those of us who were in the audience delighted in hearing favorites from the past and were impressed by the collective talents of the groups.

   Coincidentally the River Jam was the same day as the river cleanup project where Healthy Rivers Partnership and Missouri River Relief groups had planned their annual Missouri River cleanup of a 10-mile stretch in the Kansas City area. The cleanup was a day long affair.

   River Jam goers had the bonus of watching several boats on the river as well as seeing the park being used for a campground for the cleanup crew.  There were numerous tents of all sizes at the east end of the park and volunteers were sharing their food and experiences with each other as the evening was fading.

   It was such a delightful experience to see La Benite being utilized in such a positive manner and to see it full of people. There is great potential for La Benite. It was mentioned that La Benite would be the perfect site for a bluegrass festival. There is ample room, the ground is flat, and the location is scenic.

   The Hamans plan to have the River Jam again next fall and townspeople will again be encouraged to attend.  It is well worth the time to join in the fun and enjoy this resource so close to home.

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