November 13, 2013

Outside Looking In

By Aimee Worley

   We all know November is an election month, unless you live in Sugar Creek.  We vote in April and August. As I see it, it's time to start looking for some civic minded people to get involved and send some change to City Hall.  The men who have been in office are out of touch. I often think they forget that they are supposed to represent all of us, not just a few.  We only see them in some neighborhoods when it's time for re-election.  They are nice enough men, but they do represent the old standard at City Hall. 

   We need fresh citizens with different views, and not afraid to say so.  There are some employees that need to be retired, fired, and remember that it's not a given. They have a job because it's a needed position and are they using their time and department wisely?

   Our police chief is elected also, and I often wonder if he remembers who voted him in.  When a citizen calls and leaves a message, return the call.  If your time is too little to stay in contact, the job must be too much.  Remember we are only a town of 3,000.  Make time for your citizens. They are the ones who gave you your job.

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