October 8, 2013

Tales From Old Sugar Creek - 1947

   The year began with Standard Oil Co. putting the final touches on their post-WWII expansion.  The McElroy farm and restaurant were bulldozed to make room for a multi-million dollar project.  It was also an election year, and on February 5, a Democratic primary was held.  R. J. Roper won a fourth term, defeating Mike Jurchak In the 1st Ward Mike Onka beat incumbent Vern Sutton; 2nd Ward incumbent Bill Mossie won and John “Buster” Kobe lost.

   Things at the school were also on the move. A levy provided funds to build a new basketball gymnasium on Chicago Street. The Sugar Creek Merchants, a semi-pro baseball team, represented the town in the Blue Valley league.  They finished third in the State tournament.  On June 15 the hated “Ace of Clubs” from Independence came to town confident of a win they didn’t get. John Yuhas was too much for the Aces.

   The 4th of July that year was the first true Fourth since the war began. Everyone was finally home. A baseball game and street party followed the parade.

   For Christmas several Standard employees painted 200 light bulbs and decorated the new 16 story cracking unit that had recently been put into operation.

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